You're family is worth it.

Tap into your personal genius to gain clarity, define your purpose and prioritize goals for yourself and your family business. We help you create positive momentum in your life. As a family business Thinking Partner, we not only have a deep understanding of business, we understand the complexities of working with family.

Facilitated small groups of like-minded individuals offer a combination of self-reflection, brainstorming, creative thinking, and education, all with the purpose of taking your results to the next level and building trust within your team.

Effective business meetings don’t just happen, they are designed. Designed to maximize the knowledge in the room while respecting people’s most valuable asset, their time. Great meetings have purpose, defined outcomes, accountability and clear next steps. Powerful meetings create space for team members to share, problem-solve and debate. The goal? Allow teams and leaders to make informed decisions based on the diverse perspectives of the whole. Let us help you facilitate your next meeting or workshop by organizing the agenda and schedule, facilitating the meeting, increasing dialogue and engagement, creating breakout sessions, and managing the overall meeting logistics.


As the world continues to become more complex and ambiguous, it’s imperative that we invest in growing our capacity. It enables us to adapt to change and pivot quickly while still holding fast to our true north.


Your Free 2-Minute Evaluation

Every individual has unique goals for their life, their career and for their wealth. That means your growth plan should be as unique as you are.

Answering the following questions can help you determine if you are receiving the necessary support, growing as a leader and becoming the best version of yourself.

  1. You have a trusted person in your life to bounce ideas off of who is unbiased and truly listens to you.
  2. You have clarity on your short and long term personal and professional goals.
  3. You break through the barriers of your fears in pursuit of maximizing your potential.
  4. You know what your core values are and strive to live them out daily.
  5. You are able to shift your thinking and grow your awareness when experiencing a repeated challenge so that you may move forward productively with your values intact.
  6. In complex situations, you are able to separate your feels from the facts and look at things from a different perspective to help solve problems.
  7. You know what you need to do to develop your leadership skills and take steps daily to follow through on what you know – turning your knowing into action.
  8. You regularly establish and communicate healthy boundaries with your loved ones and respect theirs.
  9. You know who you are and what value you bring to the table.
  10. Your strengths are seen and valued by the people around you.
  11. You lead with open ended questions to determine if your assumptions are correct. You maintain a sense of curiosity rather than jumping to solutions or conclusions.
  12. You know that to change others, you first must change yourself.


If you’re not sure of any answers, or don’t like the answers you have, please contact us and we can help you improve your score and your life.


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