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Create harmony and build a legacy

We believe every family business has the potential to communicate better, develop family leaders and connect more deeply with one another. As a FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR (FEA™), I provide coaching, facilitation and educational services to successful family businesses looking to discover their true north, articulate shared values, build wealth and create a legacy.

Our Core Values:
Value people
Live with intention
Exceed expectations
Focus on growth
Choose a positive attitude
Be consistent
Equip people
Lead by example
Become a catalyst for transformation
Believe in the greater good


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Holly Simmons holds an Honors Business Marketing Management Diploma from Fanshawe College, is a certified FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR™, a Licensed Associate of TotalLeader® Solutions, is an independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with John Maxwell Team, and is a Maxwell DISC Certified Trainer.

Holly spent the first 10 years of her sales and marketing career in the technology sector. In 2008, she launched a marketing consulting business, working with a wide range of family businesses to help them articulate their brand message, align employees with corporate values and launch brands digitally. Sector knowledge includes: manufacturing, industrial service providers, software development, luxury goods & services and franchisees.

In 2013, Holly saw the need to help clients elevate the quality of their team interactions. She set out to expand her facilitation and coaching capacity to help clients effectively communicate and develop their leadership potential.

Holly became an independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team in 2015.

To better serve her clients, Holly invested in the FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR™ program in 2016. This intensive, one and a half year, one-thousand-hour commitment, provided a deep dive into family enterprise and how to advise families in a way that is inclusive, respectful and safe.

Holly is passionate about volunteering in her community. She is a Director on the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation Board, Vice Chair of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce Membership Committee, and member of the Burlington Chamber Business Awards Taskforce.

By focusing on communication, leadership development, strategy and problem-solving, Holly’s aim is to increase the social and intellectual capital of business families, helping them create a legacy worthy of the family name.



Call Now (905) 631-5275 and let us craft a plan together!